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11 months ago

Have you tired of searching home-based business ideas.then this articles is for you, make sure you read the article fully to get a value and you will come to a conclusion at last.

I am going to give you my top 5 best ways to make money online.don’t worry I am here with you to help.

1. Affiliate Marketing



I think you would heard about this.This is also a great way to make money online.

This is all about selling others products.Ok let’s see the concept of Affiliate Marketing.

Concept Of Affiliate Marketing


The concept is simple.Some Product Owners Will create there product and they will give to some networks to sell them.

Then he will set the price for it and he’ll SLEEP…(THAT’S ALL HIS WORK)

Now you can go to some networks(Below I’ll give some top networks)

and if you like to market that product the network will give you an unique link.

Then you should use that link to promote.

If anyone goes and buys through your link then you get a commission.

Top Affliate Network

Amazon– This is the most popular Online store in the world.There are tons of products that you can market and generate income.

Clickbank – This is one of the popular site and also known as the home of affiliates.Here there are lots of digital products that you can promote on and the main benefit on this site is  you can get 75% Commission on each sale you make.

   NOTE: I suggest you to select this two networks and the above is for an extra knowledge…


Ok Now we’ll see some Pros And Cons of Affiliate Marketing

Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing

1.Be your own boss.You dont need to expect anyone.Do whatever you think.

2.You gain a wider place to sell their goods and services, resulting in more customers and more sales.

3.It does not require a sizeable investment on the part of the affiliate.

4.You can gain more customers without spending valuable time in searching for them.

5.You can earn more money depending how much effort you put to ,investment, And Techniques You used.

Disadvantages Of Affiliate Marketing

1. You need some experience and techniques to get sales.

2.It’s very hard to get sales and there are lots of competition.

3. ‎ You should invest to get traffic to your site and to some tools and services.

4. ‎ You may engage in false and misleading advertising in order to get sales . Unscrupulous you may make claims and promises regarding the product and services, which are completely wrong or extremely exaggerated. In cases like these, you usually receives complaints and lose any potential consumer.

5. ‎  There are also false advertising, unlawful use of trade names, logos, or brands.So be careful my Friend.

2. Blogging


What if you start blog about something.

About your passion.This is a great way to show your talents to the world.

My passion is all about Technology, Making Money etc…

You can also create a blog or website and can show your talent to world.

To create A blog there are two main Platform.
1. WordPress
‎2. Blogger by Google

As a beginner I suggest you to use blogger so it   is very easy to create a website.

You don’t need Any experience on HTML or any webdevoloping skills.

You can write a blog like you writing a book.

Now you will think ‘how to earn money with a blog’.

There are lots of ways to monetize your blog.

Ways To Monetize Your Blog Or Website

1. You can earn money with Google Adsense by
putting Ads to your site.If you able to get more visitors and you can earn money by Adverstment.


Blogging earnings
Blogging earnings


  •     ‎    What if it’s your Earning…

2.As I Said first you can earn by selling affiliate products by reviewing them on your blog.

3. ‎ You can sell courses what you expert about

Also there are much more ways you can Monetize your Blog.

Advantages Of Blogging

1. You don’t require to have a diploma or degree certification to start blogging. If you have knowledge about writing skill & ability to work hard then nothing can stop you from becoming a successful blogger

2. ‎Be your own boss.You dont need to expect anyone.Do whatever you think.

3. ‎You can earn more money depending how much effort you put to ,investment, And Techniques You used.Can make up to $ 1000 to $10k Per Month

4. You can build your own brand and can become famous in the internet.

5. ‎ If you are an Sri Lankan & went to America for the job, still, you can write a blog Anywhere  you want.

Disadvantages Of Blogging

1. You need some experience on SEO And some tactics.

2. ‎ You need more time to start earn.its depending on your work.

3. ‎ You need some investment to go better on blogging

4. ‎ YOU ARE ALONE ALL THE TIME.You will not get support from outside.


3. YouTube



You watch Lots of videos on YouTube.

did you ever thought why they uploading contents or videos everyday.

they earn money,that’s why they use to upload videos.

Simply ,advertisers give ads to Google and you will get some ads to your videos then if anyone click or sees it you will money.

YouTube is also a good platform to show your talent to world.

This also an great way to build your brand.


YouTube Earnings
YouTube Earnings

What if it’s your earning

Advantages Of Making Money From YouTube

1. You don’t need Any experience to start a YouTube channel.

2. ‎ You don’t need to any investments to start a YouTube channel.

3. ‎ You can also drive traffic to ‎Your blog or  website.

4. ‎ You can more money by promoting Affiliate Products.

5. ‎You the boss to your business no one needed to start a YouTube channel.

Disadvantage Of Starting A YouTube Channel

1. There are lots of competition so you need more work to overcome them.

2. ‎ You Should meet some requirements to get ads to your videos.

3. ‎ You need some basic skills like Video editing,SEO,Photo editing etc…

4. ‎ YouTube channels inevitably draw attention to your competitor’s videos.

NOTE: If you are a beginner my suggestion is to start from YouTube channel.


4. Fiverr.com (Sell Your Skills)


This is a great way to sell your skills.

Fiverr is the world’s largest online marketplace for freelance services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name.

here you can goto Fiverr.com and you can put some gigs(services) that you can perform according to the price.


Fiverr.com Earnings


Advantages Of Making Money On Fiverr

1. Best way to sell your skill online.

2. ‎You can earn more money by working more and hard.

3. ‎ You can work at anywhere you won’t.you very free to do any thing at anytime.

4. ‎ Be your own boss and no one is need to get started.

Disadvantages Of Making Money On Fiverr

1. To earn heavy amounts, you will need to upgrade your skills.

2. ‎They are already a lot of competition on your niche.

3. ‎ To make more money, you will have to work more.

4. ‎ Sales at the beginning doesnt come in droves

5.Self-Publish a Book on Amazon

Amazon kindle

Did you ever think of writing a book and to sell that.

I mean not BOOKS it’s E-book.

Ebook is called as online book.you can read the book in your computer or phones.

You can write anything and you can sell it on Amazon.

Blogging is great, but having a book is taking your expertise status to the next level!

Amazon kindle Earnings
Amazon Kindle Earnings


Advantages Of Amazon Kindle

1. You would Paid once a month.

2. ‎ Be your own boss and every decision is yours.

3. ‎ You control price and cover.

4.  Easy to implement changes.

5. ‎ You don’t need Any degree or qualification to get started.

Disadvantages Of Amazon Kindle

1. You need some time to write a book.

2. ‎There are lots of competition.

3. ‎ You need more work to get more.

4. ‎ Greater potential to publish crappy books.

5. ‎ Less than 10% of current book market.

Images I provided above are not belong to me.For Inspiration and for motivation to my readers.

these are the 5 easy Online home-based Business ideas.

That’s all for now friend.I think you got a value from this article.Then share with your friends and help them.

If you have anything to say or to ask at me let me know in the comment section below.


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