Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money FAST! – Guide in 2018

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8 months ago

When it comes to online marketing 99% of the people start with AFFILIATE MARKETING.We know it’s the best way to get started as a beginner.

But wait:

Affiliate marketing is not easy as you think. You need lots of work and well-planned strategies to make money with affiliate marketing.

Even I also struggled for years on learning how the heck to do AFFILIATE MARKETING? And bought lots of useless online courses online which resulted me $0.

Hey there! My name is Haseen and today I want to share you some useful affiliate marketing ideas that make money and to you as well.

I am going to show you some of the advanced methods used by big boys (in the affiliate marketing industry), So Keep Reading…

You can’t see overnight success right after implementing this, but I guarantee you that this ideas are long term strategies, which will make you money passively.

These ideas are all about building a strong trust with your customers and you. Once you build the trust with your customers, they will trust your recommendations and they’ll know that you are an expert.

After building the trust:

You can recommend quality affiliate products to them and they will trust your recommendation and will buy.

Once they buy through your affiliate link you will earn a commission.

The SECRET behind affiliate marketing is building trust with the customers and many super affiliates use this secret, I also earned lots of money through affiliate marketing by understanding this.

Before going to the ideas I wanted to let you know, I am not an expert as you think, I also a guy like you, to be honest I learned everything about affiliate marketing in this Affiloblueprint course.

If you guys serious in learning then you can check it, I am not highly recommending you to get it, because it cost money and some people can’t afford it. Those people better stick with me till the end. I will show you some cool stuff…


Did You know:

Most the of people use to make a stable income online is by sharing their passion through blogging.

Affiliate marketing ideas that make money blogging

I wrote an article on how to start a blog how to start a blog before, if you want you can check it^.

Choose a niche ( eg. Cooking, health and wellness, fishing etc…) and start to write useful information to your readers in your niche. Publish quality content regularly teaching readers useful and actionable information.

As I said before build a relationship with them and they gonna love what you are recommending.

Once your readers trust you, they will trust you recommendations. Then you can recommend them some useful products (that you are affiliated with) and make money for every purchase they make.

For a better understanding I will show you an example of an successful affiliate sites.

EXAMPLE: Enlightenment Gateway. Mark Ling made this site using the same techniques taught in Affiloblueprint (the course which I learnt everything about affiliate marketing), and it makes thousands of dollars each year.


Email marketing is the ultimate way to monetize your readers again and again.

All most all of the super affiliates say: Money is in the List.


Next thing you should focus on is Email Marketing. Build your email list or followers. In order to build a list, you need an autoresponder software. Getresponse and MailChimp are one of the Affordable one.

Some people focus on banners to monetize their blog with adsense. Yes! You can make money with this but only little and your blog should be popular to earn more.

People who do click on banners are cold traffic and don’t convert.

AffiloBlueprint teaches that instead of using banners, you should use opt-in forms to an email subscriber list.

As I said before Mark Ling use this email marketing perfectly in Enlightenment Gateway and he doesn’t use banners.

To get your visitors email, you should give them something for free in exchange for their email.

Give people an incentive to join (e.g. free ebook, free video lessons). After getting their email addresses send them useful and Actionable information and some emails recommend some products to them.


Traffic from Google

When it comes to blogging Google plays the major role in bringing in traffic to your site.

Organic traffic from Google are very quality and they are more like search for answers to their questions or solutions for their problems.

It’s not that easy to get traffic from Google, in order to get traffic you need to rank your articles. Here are some tips to rank your articles top on Google so you can get visitors to your blog.

These tips not only rank your article on Google, it also rank high in other search engines like Bing and Yandex.

Here are some tips to improve your ranking:

  • Post on a regular basis – Google loves those websites providing a consistent flow of new, quality and fresh content and thus ranks these site’s posts and pages higher in search results.Use a keyword research to find low competition keywords so you can rank higher easily. Bad thing is most of the tools out there are not free to use. You need to pay them a subscription to use.

Here are some free keyword tools you can use – Google keyword planner, Kwfinder, etc…

  • Place your chosen keyword once in the title tag, and in your description tag. Optimize your article by sprinkling the keywords through out the article.
  • Include at least two pictures, and for each picture, use one of the keywords as the image alt text.
  • Include the primary keyword in the article’s URL.
  • To learn more advanced SEO check out affiloblueprint. After mastering SEO From them you can dominate the search engines. Affiloblueprint is worth buying.


I hope you find this article affiliate marketing ideas that make money is useful and you learned something. Don’t wait implement what you learn. Without taking action you can’t see results or more forward.

Go choose a niche that you passionate about and create a blog. Consistently produce useful contents and build relationship with your customer. Recommend quality products to them and start making money online like others.

These proven strategies you learned are one of the small piece of strategy that you can learn in affiloblueprint. They can help you to become a successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur.

If you serious in learning affiliate marketing and. Making money online I highly recommend you to check out affiloblueprint.

I wrote a complete a review on affiloblueprint if you want you can check it out here.

Anyway thank you for taking your time to read this.

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