Affiloblueprint 3.0 Review: is it Really Work? (MOST DETAILED REVIEW IN 2018)+BONUS

8 months ago

I agree that:

If you are researching about affiloblueprint Review then you might be tired of learning how to do affiliate marketing or how to make money online.

AFFILOBLUEPRINT 3.0 is all about this. I’ll go through thoroughly on what you will get from affiloblueprint and you should buy or not. I also give you bonus so stick with me.

Hey guys my name is Haseen (CEO of this website) and today I am going to review one of my favorite program affiloblueprint 3.0.

I have my own experience on affiloblueprint 3.0 and I will share you some of my Results after using this program.

So keep reading…


We’ll see what it is exactly?


It is a Step by Step training system which is created by Mark Ling in order help the peoples who struggling to make money online.

In this training course he teaches you about affiliate marketing and cpa marketing. And it is also teach you about SEO, Email marketing and PPC…

This program will help a newbie to make a living out of internet.

This program is created by Mark Ling, who is a broked Pizza boy at first and became a 8 Figure entrepreneur online.

He is also the creator of many successful programs like this and one is affiloramaaffilorama which is the core product of this affiloblueprint.

Before going to what’s included in and is it worth your money, I want to tell a bit of story of Mark Ling.

Mark Ling used to make money by creating profitable niche based sites when he is in school. But one day he got slapped by Google’s penalty.

Without giving up, again he give it a another shot.

Then you know what:

He succeeded and made lot of money going in the right way of Google. Then he taught this money-magnet formula to his father, at this situation his father is in a 9-5 work and became a 6 Figure Earner on autopilot.

If he can do it why you can’t?

I am sad to say that You can’t make money with this formula if you do not take massive action. In internet marketing taking massive action is the main part.

Don’t be scared of failure, if you fail then its an sign that you going up with your business.

I wanted to thank Mark Ling to make me to succeed with affiliate marketing. Now I can create an affiliate website using his blueprint and make money instantly.


Actually this program is for everyone, because everyone need money, by implementing this blueprint you can print money.

Who is it for:

Beginners who started yesterday, who don’t know anything about internet marketing can learn everything from scratch and detailed.

People who struggling to build a successful affiliate websites.

People who struggling to maintain their websites like creating content, how to promote etc…

People who have their own affiliate website but no sales and traffic.

People who need to have a financial freedom and to be their own boss.

People who have a successful website and don’t know about email marketing can get a huge impact on learning how to.

People who are looking to start a long term successful business online.

People who want to get more traffic with PPC advertising in order to grow their email lists.


Inside Affiloblueprint you get 12 high quality training that teach you about how to create an affiliate website, creating good content, driving traffic, monetizing your website in the right way etc…

Without your training you also get:

  • 1 Year free hosting for your domain.
  • You get a seo optimized premium affilotheme to make your website look professional and to rank quickly in search engines like Google and bing.
  • Bonus webinar: 10k keyword adsense blueprint.
  • Free Video Presentation 100K CPA Method (overview and basic information)
  • Bonus: 1 month free membership for affilorama premium.

Now let’s talk about the training:

Step 1 – Market Research and Keywords:

Video 1: Finding Profitable Digital Product Niches

Video 2: Finding Profitable Physical Product Niches

Video 3: Finding Profitable CPA Niches

Video 4: Intro to Keywords and Buyer Intent

Video 5: Niche Background Research

Video 6: Search Volumes and Competition

Step 2 – Creating Content

Video 1: Introduction to content writing

Video 2: Creating quality content

Video 2.2: Creating quality content part 2 (Bonus)

Video 3: Getting free content for your website

Video 4: Paid content options

Video 5: ClickBank affiliate links and tracking IDs

Video 6: FTC compliance

Video 7: Article Rewriting Techniques

Video 8: Advanced Content Techniques

Video 9: Article Research Snippets

Step 3 – Setting Up Your Website:

Video 1: How to choose your domain name

Video 2: How to set up your site

Video 3: How to set up a self-hosted website

Video 4: Configuring WordPress

Video 5: Adding a second domain

Video 6: Backup up your WordPress site

Step 4 – Website Design

Video 1: Getting started with AffiloTheme

Video 2: Adding and installing plugins

Video 3: Creating a header with AffiloTheme

Video 4: Adding content to your site

Video 5: Creating redirects for affiliate links

Video 6: Menus and Widgets

Video 7: Adding Google Analytics to your site

Step 5 – On Page SEO:

Video 1: Introduction to SEO

Video 2: On-page SEO fundamentals

Video 3: On-page SEO using Affilotheme

Step 6 – Off-Page SEO

Video 1: Introduction to Off-Page SEO

Video 2: Off-page SEO fundamentals

Video 3: Getting Other Sites To Use Your Content (Overview)

Video 3A: Coming Up With Ideas for Infographics, Tools, or Videos

Video 3B: Infographics

Video 3C: Tools

Video 3D: Videos

Video 3E: Approaching Other Websites With Your Resource

Video 4: Building Flattery Lists

Video 5: Getting Authorities to Contribute to Your Content

Video 6: Getting Mentioned on Media Sites

Video 7: Replacing Broken or Outdated Links With Your Own

Video 8: Guest Blogging Video 9: Unlinked Mentions

Step 7 – Inbound Marketing:

Video 1: YouTube Video Marketing

Video 2: Document Sharing Traffic

Video 3: Amazon Kindle Traffic

Video 4: Facebook Pages

Video 5: Twitter Marketing

Video 6: Ad Swaps & Solo Ads

Video 7: Content Strategy

Video 8: How To Create & Optimize Your Google Plus Page

Step 8 – Newsletters:

Video 1: Introduction to Newsletters

Video 2: Creating your Opt-in Report (Elance Method)

Video 2a: Creating your Opt-in Report (PLR Method)

Video 2b: How to Create an eBook Cover

Video 2c: Putting your report together

Video 3: How to Add your Newsletter Series to Fluttermail

Video 4: Thank You & Confirmation Pages

Video 5: Adding your Signup Form to WordPress

Video 6: Newsletter Signup Box Essentials

Video 7: Newsletter Strategies

Step 9 – Where to now? Tweaking Your Website:

Video 1: Why Isn’t My Site Making Money?

Video 2: Analyzing Traffic with Google Analytics

Video 3: Tracking your Affiliate Links

Video 4: Where to From Here?

Video 5: Outsourcing – What you Need to Know

Step 10 – Introduction To Google PPC:

Video 1: Introduction to PPC

Video 2: Keyword Research for PPC

Video 3: Finding Profitable Keywords for PPC

Video 4: Landing Pages for PPC

Video 5: Creating Landing Pages with Affilotheme

Video 6: Connecting GA to AdWords + Conversion Tracking

Step 11 – Creating PPC Campaigns:

Video 1: Content vs Search Networks

Video 2: Creating a Campaign

Video 3: Keyword Groups

Video 4: Writing Ads for PPC

Video 5: Google Adwords Editor Tool

Video 6: Discovering Your Best Performing Combinations

Video 7: Filtering Out Unwanted Traffic

Step 12 – Advanced PPC Techniques

Video 1: What are Ad Extensions?

Video 2: Expanding Your Campaign’s Reach

Video 3: Bidding Strategies

Video 4: Advanced Settings & Tweaks for Optimization

Video 5: Split Testing & Other Networks


  • STEP-BY-STEP over the shoulder training.
  • You get lots of bonuses.
  • This program is like your dress you have lifetime access after you paying the one time fee. You can watch the training videos again and again whenever you want.
  • 1 Year free hosting for a domain.
  • You will get affilotheme for free (normally $47).
  • Training covers both the paid and free methods get traffic to your site. You can choose one or go with both.
  • You get coached by a 8 Figure Earner Mark Ling. He reveals everything and his secrets to succeed.
  • After each training you get a homework to do. This helps you to take action and to build your website.
  • 60 day money back guarantee which is more than enough to understand whether to stick with this program or to get the butt off!
  • You will be accessed to a forum community with lots of people like you and super affiliates who would help you out.
  • Amazing SUPPORT: you get one on one training with their support. You can send your site address to them to get reviewed and they will help you with improvements, recommendations regarding your website.


  • They recommend you to buy their other products to fast growth and to different techniques.
  • They also recommend you to get their affilojetpack it costs $997. It’s good for advanced marketers. It is a ready made system with Email swipes, article pack, researched keywords and contents, website. If you can’t work then you can buy this. Like others this affilojetpack also comes with 60 day money back guarantee.


I have few niche sites that makes me money on autopilot. These sites are created using Mark Ling’s blueprint (Affiloblueprint). The site you are reading now also one of them.

Before showing you my earnings, you need to understand:

I not only watched the training videos, I took massive action, I implemented the things that Mark taught.

I invested in myself. I invested some bucks like buying hosting, domains etc…

REMEMBER: This is a real business, like other businesses this business also need some investments.

Not bad when I compare my earnings and my investments. My daily earnings are more than my investments.

I stayed consistent. I publish new articles everyday and spend half of my time by promoting them.

You can’t get overnight success.

Now let’s see my earning so far.

NOTE: these earrings are from different sites. Your earnings will not same like this it may differ.


It is an one time fee of $197. Not bad when you compare the things you get inside.

You can make $197 a day with his blueprint.


Affiloblueprint is a step-by-step over the shoulder training system that teaches you about Creating your own affiliate site and to make money with them.

It is worth buying because the training you get inside are great than the product’s price.

You need to take a massive action if you want to get results with this program.

I highly recommend this program this can help you to live the life you want without any financial problems. You can definitely start an successful business online.


If you purchase affiloblueprint through my link I’ll give you a bonus.”77 secrets to writing sales copy that sells

To claim your bonus after buying the affiloblueprint through this link you will receive a receipt from clickbank. Send me that receipt to and then I will send you the bonus.

Check it out before the FREE bonuses expire (which are worth $164 by themselves!), To find out what they are and to see AffiloBlueprint for yourself, >>>check it out here<<<

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