Clickbank University 2.0 Review: Is it a Scam (RESULTS) – 2018

9 months ago

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

If your looking for clickbank university 2.0 Review then you are trying to make money online.

Clickbank University is all about this.

They help you to make your first dollar online by teaching you how you can do online business by:

promoting other people’s products


by creating your own product.

Hey there! My name is Haseen and today I am reviewing clickbank university 2.0. If you familiar with affiliate marketing then you might know Clickbank is a huge marketplace with tons of digital products.

You can make money with clickbank by 2 ways.
1. Creating your own product or service.
‎2. By Promoting others products.(i.e. Affiliate marketing)

This is crazy:

Clickbank paid for their clients more than 3.5 billions. That’s crazy right.

Now how you can be apart of them. There are lots of courses that teach you how to make money with clickbank.


The internet is changing time to time. So the things which worked before won’t work now.

You might be wondering:

What is the best training course that teaches the latest techniques which works now ?

Now the clickbank university comes. Clickbank is officially created this program to help their clients to do the best.

Because if their clients win they win.

Clickbank university teaches you the latest strategies and techniques that’ll work now.

Update: Newest / Cheapest Version of CB University 2.0 + VIP invitation to our private group of active CBU members.


Clickbank university 2.0 is released with high quality training and advanced techniques.

If you knew clickbank before then you may know that there is lots of ads in clickbank.

Most ads are about their own program clickbank university. Then I visited clickbank university through their ads.

This is how I joined the clickbank university. As you know I am an affiliate marketer.

Clickbank university taught me lots of advanced techniques (i.e. Conversation, traffic)

As a beginner it helped a lot and made me to get my first cheque from clickbank.

Why I choose this product over others?

As you know clickbank university is a program that’s officially created by clickbank themselves.

This make me to get into the course.

Because this is a well known and trusted program and many people had success with it.

I learned some advanced cool techniques. This product helps both the vendor and affiliate.

The mentors of clickbank university are Adam and Justin. They have succeeded in this industry and they earn 6 to 7 figure.

They teach you the things what’s working now.

It have lots of high quality trainings. Beginners get lots of benefit from this, intermediate as well.

If you are tired of what to do next or how to make money, I highly recommend you to this course.

This is not a spam. This is officially released by clickbank.

You get trained for promoting other people’s products and also creating and marketing your own product.

There are so many fake guru’s out there, they try to sell you in order to get money.

But in clickbank university 2.0 you get coached by 7 figure earners. Who is Justin atlan and Adam horwitz.


This product is for those who Want to make money online or how to make money with affiliate marketing.

They teaches you from scratch how to build a successful business online by promoting others products or by creating your own product.

CBU 2.0 has two main parts to their training.

8 weeks for affiliate marketers

What’s the bottom line:

However affiliate marketing is the simplest way to make money online. Because you have less work than creating your own product.

They teaches you on how to select a product from clickbank and how to promote it effectively.

They also teach you how to drive targeted traffic to your landing page.


This training is mainly focused for Vendor.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing A TO Z then you can take clickbank university 2.0 or check this instead.

12 Weeks for Vendors

The training for vendors here quite informative than affiliate marketing.

They mainly focused on the vendors trainings.

A to Z they cover on how to be a successful vendor.

They teaches:

  • Selecting the most profitable niche to create a solid product.
  • How to create a digital product.
  • How to create a landing page/squeeze page.
  • How to create a sales funnel.
  • How to drive targeted traffic to your landing page.
  • How to get affiliates to promote your product.
  • How to extremely scale up your business.


If you have passion or interest about creating your own product, Clickbank university is the only course you should get.

Because you can learn more advanced skills and information about creating your product A to Z.

I agree that:

Creating your own product and selling is much better than affiliate marketing. You have lots of work first after you will have passive income.

In another words :

You will have a money printing machine that will print money for you every single day.

By the way:

All the trainings is in a weekly format. I think this idea is good, because it will not overwhelm the people especially the beginners.


Like I said before, CBU 2.0 has two different trainings for affiliate marketing and for vendors.

Now I will deeply explain you what I get or what you will get after joining CBU.


This training is for affiliate marketing. They teach you from start to end about promoting clickbank/affiliate products.

This training is instructed by Adam horwitz.

Beginners learned from Adam and made their first dollars.

Once you choose the niche and selected the products on clickbank, Adam will guide you on how to create a sales funnel.

Sales funnels?

Creating a landing page and a follow up series with email marketing and scale up to maximize your earnings.


  • Week 1 – Introduction
  • Week 2 – Concept of affiliate marketing & navigating CB
  • Week 3 – Choosing a profitable niche & product to promote.
  • Week 4 – Creating a sales funnel using capture pages.
  • Week 5 – Writing and outsourcing content to give to your email list.
  • Week 6 – Email marketing.
  • Week 7 – More email marketing.
  • Week 8 – Scaling your business.
  • Bonus – Affiliate promotions.


This training created and instructed by Justin for those who Want to create and sell their own products on clickbank.

As I said before:

The training this section has lots of information and advanced skills about creating your own product.

If you have an idea about creating/marketing your own product, this what I really suggest to GIVE IT A SHOT.

UPDATE: VIP pass to CB University 2.0’s (link*) private group of active CBU members


  • Week 1 – Introduction
  • Week 2 – Choosing a profitable niche
  • Week 3 – Understanding your customer & tailoring your offering to suite
  • Week 4 – Creating written or video content for your course
  • Week 5 – Including upsells in your funnel
  • Week 6 – Writing sales copy
  • Week 7 – Creating a video sales letter
  • Week 8 – Making sure your product and everything you’ve done so far is tip top
  • Week 9 – Selling within CB
  • Week 10 – Working with affiliates
  • Week 11 – Testing different elements to increase conversions
  • Week 12 – Scaling your business
  • Bonus – Selling high ticket products on webinars


In any only business the only ingredient needed is traffic. Without traffic there’s no business.


There are two ways of getting traffic:

  1. Paid traffic.
  2. ‎Free traffic.


Here in CBU PAID Traffic is mainly discussed. Because today it’s the better traffic working fine.

Here’s the deal:

With paid traffic you can see the results fast and can scale your business like CRAZY.

The 3 main traffic sources discussed in CBU:
1. Facebook ads.
‎2. Instagram Shout outs.
‎3. Youtube ad crash course.


To run successfull business online you need some tools and resources (domain name, email autoresponders, sales page creator etc..) . The CBU toolkit is all about this.

It’ll give the needed tools and resources, you can get it from the toolkit.

Tools recommended by them:

  • Buying a Godaddy domain name ($10-$14 per year)
  • Basic Powerpoint training for creating sales video slides (free if you have Microsoft Office)
  • Video creation with Camtasia ($99 one time)
  • Creating pictures with Canva training (free)
  • Visual Website Optimiser split testing software ($49 per month)
  • Optimonk (free 14 day trial then starts at $29 per month)
  • Hootsuite social media tool (free trial then starts at $10 per month)
  • Outsourcing with upwork
  • Awebber (30 day free trial then starts at $19 per month)
  • Basic demographic research with Google & Twitter (free)

Weekly Live Q&A Webinar with Adam & Justin

Justin and Adam offered a Q&A session every week. You can ask your questions from them and they’ll answer your questions in a video session every week.

All video session are recorded. So anyone can watch anytime they want.

This is a great opportunity to clear your questions from experts.

Private CBU Facebook Support Group

For the support part, You’ll also have access to the private CBU Facebook support group.

The Facebook support is very active and engaged and also Justin and Adam will join with you.

ClickBank Builder 2.0

Clickbank builder 2.0 is a powerful builder. That will create websites, landing pages/squeeze pages.

It is a Drag and Drop tool with different types of templates and let you to create the best and professional websites.

This Tool will help the beginners to create their first product superbly…

The Active Community

The CBU 2.0 also have a community with lots of people who are engaged every day.

Before CBU’s 2.0 the community is like a dead fish. But now everything got changed time to time.

There are lots of questions asked everyday, and there are several answers per thread.

Experienced people helps the beginners with most accurate information or answers.

This way you can get new friends and thoughts from others.



  • 30 days money back guarantee. If you not satisfied with the program, no foul you can get pack the money before days.
  • Trainings are more informative and more quality.
  • Place where you can master the paid traffic.
  • Potential to make decent amounts of money.
  • You get coached by 7 figure earners.
  • Good support features available.
  • Affiliate marketing explained from scratch.
  • CBU builder looks very simple and effective.


  • Training is more focused on to teach vendeors.
  • Every month you need to pay a recurring fee of $47.
  • Every trainings will unlocked weekly.
  • Only paid traffic is covered than free traffic.


I am a an affiliate marketer not an vendor.
Here are the results I got after implementing what Justin and Adam said.

This is my Clickbank Snapshots


I am not saying only I got the best results, there several CBU students got 10x of my results.

You can also start to earn more than this.


CBU’s price is $47 every month. Training is more worth than the price.

Paying $47 a month and you can earn more than $47 a day after leaning from them.


You may be wondering:

Is Clickbank University 2.0 a Scam?

Absolutely not. It’s not a scam, it’s released by clickbank itself.

If you make sales then they’ll also get paid. So they won’t cheat you by scam programs.


You get coached by Justin And Adam the well experienced one’s who earns 7 figure.

If you want to make money online you can check this. If you learn affiliate marketing or selling your own products, then you must definitely give this a shot.

Update: Newest / Cheapest Version of CB University 2.0 + VIP invitation to our private group of active CBU members.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments section below, I loved to hear your feedback.

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