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8 months ago

I agree that:

Creating niche sites and reviewing products can bring you uncountable amount of income.

But nowadays creating niche sites is easy but ranking it is very hard. Because nowadays authority sites are all over the internet.

Google rank authority sites much quicker than a brand new site. So your hard work will only give you hands.

Then, Can’t I outrank them?

Definitely you can, but you need some quality backlinks than them. The only way to outrank them is by backlinks.
I will go over some link building tactics in this article so make sure to read the full article.


Niche sites are mainly makes money by promoting or referring other people’s products to their readers and when they buy through their link, they get a commission, this is called Affiliate Marketing.

My blog is all about affiliate marketing, you can learn more about them on my blog.

In Niche sites, Product Reviews play the main role to bring in more sales.

When you review a product from your niche, if it get ranked then you might get sales.

Why Product Reviews are very important in niche sites?

Here’s the Deal:

People use to research about the product before they buying it. So they come to Google and search “product name” review.

In this moment they used to learn more about the product or to take a decision whether to buy it or not. So they convert quite well.


You should give them what they want and build trust and relationship with them and you can recommend them to buy it through your link.(actually you don’t need to recommend them on product reviews)

Now we saw a quick overview on niche sites or review websites. Let’s go to the action part.

Now let’s see how you can create a review site that makes you money step-by-step. So keep reading…


Everything starts with choosing a profitable niche.


Choosing a niche is very important than creating a site. So you should be careful to choose a niche that you are interested in.

Don’t choose a popular niche as others, remember there are plenty of products in every niche, also there are number of people looking for it.

Choose a niche that you passionate about or interested in, because after creating your site you need to write lot about your niche.

You can only write awesome content when you knew about it or interested in. If you select a unknown niche, you might suffer when you are creating contents.

So go with some niche that you stable with.

Eg: Cooking, web designing, health and wellness, education, automobile etc…


After choosing the niche our next step is creating a website around that niche.

I have wrote a full article on how to create blog from scratch, you can check it here <<<.

After creating your site install a nice theme. I suggest you to use Generatepress for a nice and simple looking blog.

Now it’s time to create some basic pages:

About me page– about page is all about you and your website. Simply describe your qualifications, how you can help them, what they can expect from you etc… People use to see about pages to know about you.

Privacy policy – this page is all about the rules and regulations. People don’t care about this page, even though you should keep it for a security purposes

Affiliate Disclosure – This page is very important to niche sites, this is a simple page that describes you are promoting affiliate links and earning a small commission. Some affiliate network like Amazon associates will ask you about this page. So this page is important.

Resources page or Recommendations– this is the page where you recommend your favorite products with affiliate links to your readers. So readers will hang out that page some time you can get sales from them. Nice example for recources page is Pat Flynn’s . He doing it quite well.


Before creating contents you should do a solid keyword research to find out untapped keywords. This mean you should find keywords with low competition and high monthly searches.

You can use free tools like Google keyword planner or kwfinder, but paid tools always best. Because paid tools will show you some more metrics and it will show the exact competition for a given keyword.

There are plenty of paid keyword tools are there, but I like to go with Longtail Pro. It is one of the most popular tool out there but it’s little expensive.

You can get a free 7 day trial by clicking here, but after 7 days you should pay them monthly subscription. Some people can’t afford to pay, so do the research within 7 days and import the keywords and metrics and cancel the subscription.

It is useful to have such tools. Anyway its your wish.

Nowadays short tail keywords are too competitive so going with longtail keywords are much better.

What is short tail and long tail keywords?

Short tail– it’s a broad keyword. For example : Baseball tips, cooking tips etc…

Longtail keywords – are generic, it’s narrowed down from broad. So it’s laser targeted. These longtail keywords are less competitive and less monthly search volume and it convert well.
Example: baseball tips for men, cooking tips for young women etc…

Now I think you got the point.

After getting some profitable keywords create content around it. Let’s see about content creation below in this article.


Product reviews are responsible to bring you more sales. So creating product review is very important. Before creating product reviews we need some quality products

Here are some networks you can use to get affiliate products:

  • Amazon associates – This network is for physical products. Almost everyone knows Amazon and they buy from them also. So you can get tons of products from them but commissions are little lower.
  • Clickbank – My favorite network where I promote lots of products. This has only digital products so you can earn by promoting them.

I do have some articles about clickbank, if you want you can check it out:

Commission Junction: Has number of products per category, and pays in lots of different currencies.

Rakuten Linkshare: They represent products from Barnes, Walmart and Nobles, and AT&T etc…

There are lots of affiliate networks, these are the most popular out there.

You can also search affiliate networks, simply by a Google search:

“niche name” + products + affiliate program

Now select some best quality products from them, and research about the product. See the top reviews in Google, and see how you can outrank them.

Now create a useful review for the products and do some SEO. You can learn more about SEO by taking this course which I Took.

Create atleast 5 product reviews and do what I am going to say next.How to create a review website

LIMITED EDITION: Get your copy here


Don’t be a seller all the time. I mean don’t write product reviews every time. So creating some useful articles is important.

  • How to.
  • List post.
  • Question posts.
  • Guides

Create these kind of articles and link to your review page by recommending them the product.

This build relevance to your review page and it will rank sooner. Also create contents relevant to your product.

For example:

If your product review is “Delicious cook book review” then your supporting article might be “how to cook tasty foods” “tasty food hacks” etc… These are called “Supporting articles”.

You can get these kind of supporting article ideas in the keyword research part. Remember it’s important to get low competition keywords.

Create atleast 3 supporting articles for each product reviews.

Real Life example:

Enlightenment Gateway, created by a millionaire affiliate Mark Ling. He do this strategy perfectly. This site makes thousands of dollars each year and was created using AffiloBlueprint and AffiloTheme.

After publishing your content, what should you do?

Let’s discuss about promoting your posts in the next section.


As I said above Google give more affort to rank authority sites than a brand new site.

I am not saying :

Go blast a bunch of links to point you, or buy links in some black hat marketplaces where they sell backlinks.


When it comes to backlinks Quality is very important than Quantity.

blackhat link building techniques can be easily identified by Google and he(Google) will penalize you.


you don’t wanna do that^^ LOL..

So forget about black hat link building.

Here are some ways you can build links, also this helps you to get traffic:

  • Useful comments in related blogs.
  • Promoting in relevant forums.
  • Creating Web 2.0’s and link to your main site.
  • Directory links.
  • Try to steal your competitors links.
  • You can learn more advanced link building tactics in Affiloblueprint Course.

After creating your website, immediately create all the social media accounts. Whenever you publish a new content, then share them in your social accounts. This way you get more traffic + backlinks + you build a brand followers.


This is the exact way to create niche sites. There is no more secrets. This is the way used by me and many others to build and earn by creating niche sites.

Stay consistent and publish quality contents and do quality product reviews. You can’t see overnight success. You need some time to see some results.

So keep your blog updated by creating awesome contents.

Implement what you learn, without taking massive action you can’t see any results, so take action in what you learn.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments. If you are serious in learning affiliate marketing then you should check this course review Affiloblueprint.

I hope you found this article helpful and I see you soon in the next one.

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