How To Make Money With Clickbank Without a Website 2018 (STEP-BY-STEP)

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9 months ago

Do you want to make your first dollar$$ on clickbank without a website?

Yes, you can make money with clickbank without a website.

When it comes to making money online, the first choice is affiliate marketing. Clickbank is a affiliate program that gives you tons of digital products to promote with high percentage of commission rate 75%.

How to promote clickbank products?

This is where majority of the people get stuck. Because they don’t know where to start and how to start. When it comes to affiliate marketing everyone should have their own strategies.

Once when I get started with affiliate marketing I also in this place.Thank you Mark Ling to help me out…

The best way to promote affiliate products is by creating a website. I know most of the people don’t do this. Because they think that this is a lot of work and need money.

In my opinion this is the cheapest and easy way to make money with clickbank passively. I highly recommend you to do this strategy.

You can check this:How To Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step (2018 AND BEYOND)

For those who can’t do this, stick with me I am going to show you a super ninja method to Make Money With Clickbank Without a Website.

But this also need some work and I am going to show you step-by-step. SO KEEP READING…


Choose a good clickbank product <<< buy a domain name <<< setup your domain to redirect to your affiliate link <<< promote your domain name <<< If anyone buys through your unique link <<< you get commission.

This is how simple is the process is. But you need some hard work. Don’t worry I will show you the step-by-step guide.


Clickbank is a online marketplace which gives lots of digital products to affiliates who can earn a big commission by promoting it.

Still you don’t have a Clickbank account, create yours here

First you need a good product to promote. Choosing the product is a important step in affiliate marketing .

You can use any affiliate program. For Me clickbank is best.

So I will use clickbank for this example.

Steps to find a profitable product :

Gravity – 20 – 80

Gravity means how many affiliates were made sales within last two weeks. This is a Sign of good product and this product converts well.

Problem solving product – This is not essential but if it’s a solution to some sort of problem, then it’ll convert well.

Choose a real Product – Don’t choose a spammy product. It should give value to people.It should have what the people are looking for. People should feel happy after buying it.


Product’s Sales page – If the product’s sales page look spammy, then you won’t get any sales. Like a customer you go to the sales page and think if you are a person who is looking to buy the product, will you buy? Is it has what you want? It’s trusted or not?

Reasonable price – Don’t go for high price products. Go for products which has a reasonable price. However you’ll get your commission.

These are the things you should look before you choose a product. Now we have a product to promote.


Why I need a Domain Name ?

Some sites (Like Facebook etc…) don’t allow you to put clickbank link. But you can put any domain name.

Domain name will Look like professional and it won’t look like spam link.

Domain name will also hide your affiliate link.Then people will buy.

You can buy a domain name from these top companies :
1. Godaddy
2. ‎namecheap

Tips on choosing a Domain Name

This is very important. Don’t just choose a domain name. Choose a name that will look like the product’s official domain name.

1. Choose domain name relevant to your product.

2. ‎Choose a name that is short and easy to remember.

After choosing your domain name setup you domain to automatically redirect to affiliate link. Now if I anyone click your domain name then they will go to the product’s sales page.

You can check This To Setup Your Domain To Redirect.


Now the actual work begins. This where most of the marketers get stuck. If you don’t have any traffic, then you won’t get any sales.


As a smart marketer you should think outside the box to stand out from competition.

Think of ways how you can get traffic that no one knows. If you got one then you got the JACKPOT.

However I will give you some underground ways to get traffic. SO KEEP READING...

There some Traffic Sources you can use to get traffic.I will mention the top sources;

How To Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step (2018 AND BEYOND)



Nowadays world’s second search engine is youtube. So think how much people you can get.

There are different ways we can use youtube to get traffic. Don’t go for illegal ways Like Spamming.

Ways To Get Traffic From YouTube

Create Your Own Video – Create a video something related to your product and put the link in the description or create a Review video for that product.

Some can’t stand in front of camera and talk about the product. Instead use your PowerPoint and record the screen with some screen recording software like Camtasia and make it as a Slide show video.


If you can’t do what I said above,then Hire a freelancer from Fiverr and give your thoughts on how the video should be. Then They’ll send you the video file. You can upload this to Youtube. Hiring from Fiverr costs start from $5. If you want a basic video then go for $5.

After your creation of video, SEO is very important. But doing SEO for youtube is easier than for websites.

For YouTube SEO you can check this

YOUTUBES GOLDEN COMMENTS – Every seconds there are some people commenting on a video. Most of the questions are not solved. You can use this golden opportunity to get traffic.

Find a video with good amount of views within your niche or relevant to your product.

Then go in to the video’s comment and help the people who struggling. Answer their questions and they will reply you.

Then tell them by giving your domain link that this product helped you or this is the ultimate solution.

For Example;

User: Hey I need to solve my back pain quickly. HELP!

YOU: Hey [Name]!

One day I was struggled with back pain a lot. One of my friend in Facebook gave me a link and said that this program is the ultimate solution for backpain.

Then I got into the program and they helped to solve the backpain. Now the pack pain gone. After I recovered from backpain I am feeling like I got freedom.

I highly recommend you to take this program in order get cured from back pain. Programs official website [INSERT THE DOMAIN NAME].

Hope this helps!

You see how I sneak my affiliate link. This is how you can promote your links with youtube.



Find Forums In your niche and help people. Straight away don’t put your link For a Few days.

After few days search for people who are interested in your product and tell them a bit of story saying this product helped you and give your domain name.

You can find forums simply by a Google search.

(eg: backpain forum)


Blog commenting is also like youtube I mentioned above. But this is more affective.

Find blogs in your niche and start helping others by solving their questions. And also say about the product and give the link.

You can find blogs in your niche by a simple Google search .

(eg: backpain blog)


Social media

Nowadays everyone in the world are using social media platforms daily.

Create accounts in all the social platforms and fill it with content. Then join in groups within your niche. Add people who are interested in your product.

Don’t forget to help others.

Then start to promote your domain name.

These are some ways you can get traffic. But there are tons of ways you can get traffic from.


Find a profitable product from clickbank using my criteria given above.

Buy a domain name and setup it to redirect to your affiliate link.

Now if someone clicks on your domain name then they will automatically redirect to your affiliatelink.

If someone buys through your unique link, then you’ll get a commission.


This is how to make money with clickbank without a website. Promote your domain name effectively and consistently, then you will get sales.

You should put the work in to get money out. Most marketers learn but not implement. They are the most foolish people.

You don’t be like them. Implement straight after you learn. Failure is a step to success. So if you made a mistake once, correct it next time.

However I strongly recommend you to promote affiliate products with a websites. In my opinion this is the best way to promote affiliate products.

You can check this:How To Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step (2018 AND BEYOND)

Hope this helps and learned something new. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

If you have any questions please let me know in the comments section below. I will make sure to reply you within 24 hours.

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