K Money Mastery 2.0 Review: Here’s What I Really Think (2018)

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10 months ago

The K Money Mastery 2.0 A Valuable Course By Stefan Pylarinos Who is an Well-Experienced and $600k+ or 6 Figure Earner.

This is a proven course and he promises to give students step-by-step Behind The Shoulder Walk-through’s that could generate enough income up to six-figures by selling Kindle books on Amazon.com.

Hi there! My Name is Haseen and today I am reviewing an amazing, valuable Product Kindle Money 2.0 Mastery By Stefan Pylarinos.

This product is for those who Want to Generate Passive income EVEN While they Sleeping (Almost I like Sleeping😴)!!!

Before, I was Struggling to make money online.

I will always see my earnings in my Systems, it’ll be $0 (Here i get de-motivated and Even I also Thought To QUIT!)

I Bought many Courses (MAKING MONEY ONLINE…) Nothing Worked and Almost the majority are SCAM.

Then One day when i was watching videos on youtube I found This product KMM(Kindle money mastery) .

I researched about the product and the author. The author is a Well-known Entrepreneur and a 6 Figure Earner. The product had only positive reviews.

After i Researched I said to myself “Lets give it a try”

After purchasing the product at Late night, I Gone through his STEP-BY-STEP guides.

It Freaking WORKED For me…


As I said before I Came to know this product by watching videos on youtube.

If it Come to kindle, the K Money Mastery is the best Choice.


I researched about this product and I found only Positive Reviews (No negative) this mean the product is doing well and the people who purchased this product is very satisfied.

No other products will better than this.His Classes are 100% valuable and he teaches everything behind the curtain and from scratch.

Even a beginner Who knew nothing about kindle will also understand.

This Product is for people who looking to generate passive income online.

You can earn upto 6 figure (Sounds Crazy Right).

This KMM guide you STEP-BY-STEP to setup a funnel from scratch in Amazon Kindle Publishing.

You can make money in autopilot.(But first you need more work to build the basement)

So you now think what is included with KMM.Next section is that..


K Money Mastery Is Packed With Over “30+ In Depth” Video Lessons That Guide You Step-By-Step.

In Each Lessons you’ll get a downloadable PDF Lesson Worksheet for better understanding.

He gives access to his Personal Tool Box Listing All Of The Tools & Resources he Use To Run Kindle Business.

He also Included some Strategic BONUS LESSONS To Help Maximize Your Success…(I Mentioned All lessons DEEPLY below)

Allright, Let’s jump into the lessons DEEEPLY…


This is the Intro of this course and he overviews the course.

Here He says about how the system works, right Mindset to start etc…

Lesson 1: Finding a Profitable Niche

In almost every business in online is to find a niche.

Stefan tells you couple of strategies to find a profitable niche in Amazon.

He reveals his secrets and tactics with you.

Lesson 2: Keyword Research

In every online business this part is essential and more important.

This is the basic part SEO(Search engine optimization)

Stefan gives some tips on finding keywords in minutes for Kindle SEO in Amazon.

Lesson 3: Creating a Title That Sells

Titles has only split second to capture your customers. So the creation of Titles is important.

Stefan reveals the secrets of labeling a kindle book with the right attention-grabbing combination of keywords.

Lesson 4: Design a Cover That Sells

When it comes to Kindle, graphics are very important. Because it shows the customer the precieved value of your brand. (Here he’ll take a decision)

Unfortunately if you are not good at graphic designing, Stefan brings Fiverr.com to outsource someone to make Kindle covers, buy buttons, paperback covers, and other Kindle related gigs.

He also gives you a template on how to find the right gigs and tips for outsourcing.

Lesson 5: Kindle Book Creation

This is the main part of your business.

Stefan gives his students step-by-step process of writing their kindle books.
If you unable to write then he also says about how to outsource them.

step-by-step process of writing their kindle books.

Here is everything about formatting the book and preparing the book correctly to publish in Amazon Kindle platform.

Lesson 7: Creating A KDP Account

This module is creating KDP account from start to finish in an easy-to-follow sequence

Lesson 8: Publishing Your Book on Kindle

Here he tells about how to publish finished Kindle book to the market.

He giving some tactics to optimize your book and to research.

Lesson 9: Viewing Your Kindle Book

Once you publish the book it’ll take up to 1 day to get approved.

This module is viewing your book and looking for updates for better rankings.

Lesson 10: Getting Amazon Reviews

There are almost 7 videos in this module.

It explains about verified vs unverified reviews.

He also tells about how to launch your book properly and He covers a good way to organize your launch list via Google Sheets.

Lesson 11: Marketing Your Book on KDP Select

In this lesson Stefan reveals his secrets on ranking books on Amazon.com

He doing a great job by teaching his students STEP-BY-STEP process.

Lesson 12: Using Twitter & Facebook To Promote Your Book

This is the process of marketing your books.

This lesson Stefan says about promoting your books using Twitter and Facebook.

Lesson 13: Additional Book Promotion Strategies

Here Stefan shows his students different strategies to promote your books In DEEPLY.

Lesson 14: Boosting Your Amazon Keyword Rankings

Here Stefan shows more ways to boost the keywords rankings for their finished and published kindle books.

One of such ways was to use Amazon’s wish list.

Lesson 15: Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Account

All about creating your Amazon Author Central Account To increase their credibility and authenticity, which would increase the confidence of buyers in the author they plan on buying from.

Lesson 16: Monetizing Your Kindle Book

This lesson He showd some ways to monetize you finished books.

Also he reveals his secrets on selling isn’t selling books.

Lesson 17: Creating a Series of Books & Monetizing the Back-End

Creating a series of books is a great idea for any author or self publisher and monetizing them for more money.

this way, the author generates more credibility and attracts more following and consequently, makes more money.

Lesson 18: Dealing with Negative Reviews

This lesson is all about dealing with your Negative Reviews.

He tells about how to create the best book that will not get negative reviews.

Lesson 19: Scaling Up Your Kindle Books And Making More Money

Stefan talks about scaling up income level by outsourcing some of the kindle-related publication in other to allow one enough time to focus on other important aspects of life.

Lesson 20: How to Make Your Books Profitable Long-Term

In this lesson Stefan teaches how to prevent refunds.

So, this lesson was on how to keep the published kindle books yielding in the short and long terms.

Lesson 21: How to Track, Manage & Optimize Your Kindle Books

This is the lesson he teaches his students on tracking, managing and optimizing their kindle publications using a software called K Optimizer, which was developed by Stefan and his brother who’ve both been publishing a lot of kindle books on Amazon and making money from them passively.

And That’s Not All!


BONUS 1: Automation And Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants

BONUS 2: Goal Setting For Kindle Publishing

BONUS 3: Kindle Publishing Mindset & Philosophy For Success

BONUS 4: Kindle Publishing Ritual For Scaling Up

BONUS 5: Non-US Tax Requirements

BONUS 6: Creating A Corporation Or LLC For Your Kindle Business

BONUS 7: Accounting Basics For Your Kindle Business

KMM Pros

  1. After Implementing What Stefan said you’ll make money passively.
  2. Stefan shows his students easy to follow step by step instructions.
  3. You don’t need any knowledge on online marketing, graphic designing etc…
  4. You’ll able to join their private Facebook group, where you can get answers to your questions.
  5. 30-day money back guarantee.if you not satisfied or don’t get results mean you can get your money back.

KMM Cons

To be honest I didn’t really find any faults with K Money Mastery but here’s a couple of things I would really of liked included:

  1. You need some bucks to implement this strategy. (in Any business you need this shit to start)
  2. You need more time to write a book if you want to write (you can outsource or hire someone to do but you need to spend some money)
  3. You need A computer and an internet connection.


I thought I can’t make money on the internet, but after taking this “K Money Mastery Course” I made some money passively

Here are the results

As a friend I am telling you if you want to see some money then get this Course.

Not only getting the course, implement the Steps shown by Stefan.


Price is worth. BY Spending little money you get more money passively.

Fee of $67 gives you everything that you need to get started your own publishing business.

I personally learned a lot from KMM 2.0 and it helped me start my own successful Kindle business.

Make sure to check out Kindle Money Mastery.


Overall, I think Kindle Money Mastery does what it claims it will do: TEACH you how to make money online selling e-books.

For the value, it is definitely worth the value. KMM will get you on your way to becoming a successful published writer.

If you think how to make passive income online, Then this is for YOU. Is K money mastery 2.0 a scam? Exactly not..

So, if you interested in taking this course >>>click here to check out Kindle Money Mastery<<<

I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you do have any questions please do feel free to leave me a comment below..

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