How To Make Money With Clickbank Step By Step (2018 AND BEYOND)

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9 months ago

Do you want to make money with clickbank passively ?

Affiliate marketing is the only good way to make money online and the clickbank is the best affiliate program with thousands of digital products that will pay you up to 75% commissions per sale you make.

Hey Guys! My name is Haseen and I am a Digital Marketer as well as an affiliate marketer for some years. today I am going to teach you how to create a clickbank niche site that will bring you money. I am going to reveal the same process that everyone does to generate income with clickbank.

This clickbank beginner tutorial will guide you STEP-BY-STEP.

Majority of the affiliate marketing beginners are doing the same mistakes again and again. When I was a beginner I also did this same problem as others.

So what is the problem?

Learning but not implementing. When I was first get started I started to learn about affiliate marketing. There are so many informations and I don’t understand how to start and where to start.

One day I will learn a method and the next day I will learn another method. This thing wasted my time and money. ( Thanks Mark Ling Of Affilorama to guide me to success ).

That’s why I am telling you again and again not to make this mistake. After learning a new thing immediately implement. Success is depend on implementation.

So after reading this article, implement the things what I Will say to you. I am going to teach you five important steps. Here are the steps:

1. Introduction to Clickbank Niche sites

2. ‎Pick a Profitable Niche

3. ‎Create a Website

4. ‎Create Qaulity Contents.

5. ‎Get Traffic to your niche site.

6. Start Making Money

I will teach you everything step-by-step. SO KEEP READING…


Just to let you know just like other business you need some money to get started.

You need to purchase things like Domain And Hosting. If you don’t have, go do a job and get some money into pocket.

You need atleast $100 to get started.

Listen Investing a little and you will earn more.This is a trusted business and this not illegal.

Simply Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products or services to targeted customers, if they purchase the product through your unique link you will get a commission.( read my What is Affiliate Marketing and How does it Works for more information)

There are lots ways to do affiliate marketing. The 2 main type is free and paid method. I am using free method. Because free method is better than paid method for me. ( Check this Case Study Paid VS Free )

The easiest and cheapest way of affiliate marketing is creating a niche based website and start promoting affiliate products.

I know that many people are looking to get started without a website, but listen this the best way to promote affiliate products.

This guide will teach you how to create and set up a blog.

Here’s the simple funnel of niche site.

Get a product from clickbank and write a review about that < Get traffic to your review < if anyone purchase through your link < You get a commission.

I will try my maximum to guide you step by step.

So Let’s Get Started…


Choosing Niche is simple and very important to Make money with clickbank step by step . Many people get stuck in this point. Don’t over complicate this. Because my thought is every niche is profitable.

There are lots ways you can do to select a niche

Choose a niche that you will be interested. Choose a niche that you can write content about.

Because you need to write more about your niche. If you can’t you should outsource this process. But you should spend money to hire someone to write.

So choose a niche that you already know and you like to talk about.

Now leave the computer away and take a pen and a paper. Write about:

Something you like or interested about.
How you spend lots of time?
Your talent.

For this example, My interest are:

1. Affiliate marketing
2. Football
3. ‎volley ball
4. ‎Fitness
5. ‎Android

These are the interests and talents I came about. I hope you will come up with more ideas. Your interests can be anything.

Now it’s time to choose a niche from the list.

In order to earn money you should have a products or services on your niche.

The 2 main affiliate networks.

1. Clickbank
2. ‎Amazon asscosiates

Now go to these networks and make sure to check your niche whether you have some products to promote. Most of the time there will be products. If there is no product its better to leave that niche and jump to next.

For more information about choosing a niche check this article ( thank you for awesome information Warren ).


Now the action starts. After choosing the niche, we are going to create a website based on that niche.

To create a website we are using WordPress. WordPress made website creating easy. Using WordPress you don’t need to know any technical knowledge or codings. A simple man can create a awesome site with WordPress.

Also, you can find many responsive and fast loading themes for free.

Why WordPress is better than others.

First you need to buy a domain name for your website.

Make sure to keep your domain name relevant to your niche and easy to remember. Also keep it short.

Two best domain name providers :

1. Namecheap
2. ‎Godaddy

After getting the domain name, get a hosting for your website. Make sure to Check the hosting provider whether they have WordPress.

Major Web hosting providers ( WordPress supported ) :

1. Bluehost
2. ‎Siteground
3. ‎Godaddy WordPress managed

After getting your hosting, connect the domain name with your hosting and install the WordPress.

Now you have a unique website for you. Now it’s time to clean and install a free theme.

We have our website published and now start creating quality contents to your site.


Before creating contents keep this in mind:

Your contents are seen by REAL PEOPLE – so make sure to write the best.

Why are they reading your article? – Most of the time people use search engines to solve their problems or questions. So try to help them by providing the most accurate information.

Remember, there are already sites like you – So try to stand out from them.

If anyone search there are number of sites like you with same information – So try to write the best Title, Meta description and improve your SEO.


About page – Here the people will know about you. So introduce yourself and your qualifications here.

Privacy Policy – This is for Legal and info.

Affiliate Disclosure – This page is very important to affiliate sites. Many affiliate programs will ask for affiliate disclosure page.

These are the basic page you should create first. After you can add more.

Try to figure out your competitors and spy on them what they doing.

Now select some products from clickbank and write reviews, make sure to add your AFFILIATE LINK to your reviews. Then create useful articles ( Supporting Articles ) around your niche and get your right audience.

A Small Tip: Try to get some Long-tail keywords and write contents around it. From that content link to your review page by saying the something like ” if you want to get better, then make sure to check this out “( for an example).

Update your website regularly with awesome contents. Make sure to do SEO. After some days/months you’ll receive some traffic.


Here is the most people get stuck. Without traffic there is no business. So you need traffic. The more you get traffic, the more you earn.


There are lots of ways you can get traffic and here are my methods to traffic.

The main way of getting traffic is from search engines. You would had heard about SEO( SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION).

I learn about SEO and affiliate marketing from MARK LING’S AFFILORAMA Check this out for free by clicking this.

Next is Social Media. Social media made the traffic generation easy. Share your contents on Social media’s to drive traffic. You can to use these networks Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest etc…


If you do these steps and drive traffic to your site, then you’ll make some sales. Make sure to add your affiliate links on your contents.

Next is the Email Marketing. Build a list of people and send useful emails to them including affiliate links. To get people to your list give or offer something in your website in exchange of their email address.

Email marketing is powerful to make sales. It will convert better than a website.

Let’s say you have 500 people in your list. You send a email to them with your affiliate link. The product you promoting is $50 commission. Out of 500 people let’s say 50 people click your link and purchase your product.

DO THE MATH: 50*50

You will make $2000 per email you send.

This is not a easy way you think. But if you do it correctly after some months you will get sales passively. Your hard work will make you money.


As I said before Implement what you learn. Implementation is very important. Without implementing you can’t do anything. Don’t scared of failure. If you fail then think yourself that you are getting better into the game.

Do it as a Real Business. Because you are getting money. More money than your daily works.

This is exact way you can make money from clickbank.

I learned everything from Mark Ling’s program. I highly recommend you to join this. You will learn everything from scratch and some helpful tips.

***Click Here To Join for free***

I think this article helped you to solve many questions. This is the exact method to Make money with clickbank step by step . If you have one make sure to ask it on the comment section below. I’ll make sure to reply you within 24 hours with the accurate information. If this helped you appreciate me by SHARING WITH YOU FRIENDS.



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