Little Known Ways To Make Money Online Legitimately (COUNT YOUR $100)

6 months ago

Hey guys! My name is Haseen and today I am going to teach you some legitimate ways yoi can make money online. This is also the best ways to make money online in spare times.

Again – these all ways to make money are 100% legit and real ways that are available online.

I know some of you guys are tired of scams, fake surveys, fake guru’s, shitty websites that they’ll say you – they can teach you to make money online and will push you to buy there products.

I know this happens in the internet world. So today I came up with some real ideas to make some extra cash online.

When you read this article you will learn You will able come up with an online business model.



Affiliate marketing is my first option to make money online. It’s also an powerful way to get a passive income online.

Simply affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and make money for every sale you make through your unique link.

There are some affiliate marketers who makes Millions by promoting products.

There are tons and tons of ways you do affiliate marketing. But there are only few ways to succeed in affiliate marketing industry.

If you want to learn more you can check these training courses – Each courses I given below are reviewed by me.


Getting paid to roam around the internet. INTERESTING RIGHT!

Yes! You can make money by surfing the internet. This is has to be the one of the easiest and simplest way earn money online without really any hard work.

This creative idea by pay/reward you for searching in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc…

To do this just install an add-on to your Internet browser


Did you know? By filling out different surveys can make you money in spare times.

Big companies are always researching and researching to take their business to the next level by recruiting members to test their new softwares and to answer surveys.

Filling Surveys only get few minutes. But you can earn a quite well income. Surveys price varying from company to company.

Here are some you try out: Toluna, My survey, Swagbucks etc…

You can get more by a simple Google search.


DOMAIN name is the identity to a Website or a unique address for a Website. ( i.e.,, etc…)

( .com, .net , .org etc…) These are called domain eventions.

Domain name cost $10 +/year in Godaddy (famous domain name registration company).

You can change that $10 into million dollar. But you should play the game differently and it’s quite hard for some people.

Buy some good domain names and put it to sale on sites like Flippa.

For further information watch this…


If you don’t have a passive income stream then you should work everyday. So getting a passive income is a great way to generate money while sleeping…

Starting a Website is a great passive income model.

Now even a kid can start a Website within few clicks and with few bucks. The main goal is to get traffic to your website.

There are lots factors to be considered. There is also few ways you can monetize your website to earn money. But the goal is getting traffic.

If you interested in starting a Website, then definitely check this <<<


Currently the best way to earn money online is to sell your skills. I mean youcan be a freelancer in

Everyone has there own talents and skills. I am not talking about special skills like Cristiano Ronaldo, Husain Bolt, Martin Luther king LOL😀

What I mean is – something that you can do ( I.e. Photoshop, Video Editing, Writing, Drawing, Creating software and the list goes on…

You can sell any type of service that you can do online in

I can list some more services but there are tons of services you can offer. Take a look at this example to hook up something.

The only bad thing is its hard to get sales because of the competition. Almost every online professions is like that. So you should think outside the box.

To make sales on Fiverr you should rank your gigs (services) for keywords. Just like Google, Fiverr is also is a mini search engine and you should optimize your Gigs in order to get sales and rank keywords.


Website Tester! Sounds Cool huh! Yes you can become a Website Tester and earn money.

Sites like User Testing gives you some tasks to test websites and mobile apps and will pay you.

You can get $10 per review. (Price may vary)


Above I discussed about starting a Website. The same is also here.

Reviewing products is one of the way to monetize your website.

These websites make quite good money on the internet.

I wrote a article on that. If you interested then definitely check this out <<<


Do you a better writer? Then why not sell your writing skill.

If you are a great writer you can sell your experience in many ways.

One of the way you can earn up to $100 writing articles for websites like Listverse.

You can find many websites like this on internet. This is a simple way to get some extra bucks.


Writing and publishing kindle ebook is a great way to make money as well it is a good passive income model.

With the amazon kindle store, anyone can make money.

Stefan Pylarinos is a experienced man in this. He have also training programs on making money with kindle.


Almost everyone and kids play games on their platforms. It’s too much fun on the other hand it’s too time consuming.

Day to day it’s growing without any red lights.

Why not to turn your time wasting thing into a money making thing or a Job.

There are some websites that pay you to test games.

One of the site is Gaming Jobs Online gives you the opportunity to get paid for testing games for some fast cash.

This is a great opportunity for game lovers to make some extra money.

These are some popular ways to make some quick money online. Definitely give a shot if you want.

Apart from this if you have any ways to make money, Please make sure to share with others in the comment section below.

I hope this article is helpful and useful. Don’t forget to click the share button.

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